​Benny Kuriakose started his career in 1984 and received the basic lessons in architecture under the tutelage of Laurie Baker. He received the Charles Wallace India Trust award for an MA in Conservation Studies from the University of York., United Kingdom. He has received his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. 

In his quest as a creative person, Benny has travelled diverse paths and translated the philosophy of his mentor Laurie Baker many times over. A retrospective of his work reflects his perseverance to transform those same concepts of cost-effectiveness, conservation, and sustainable architecture, in several sequences, whether it be in his designs for personal or public spaces.


Benny Kuriakose's strict adherence to the universal principles of architecture can be seen in the range of his work: in individual houses, resorts and institutional projects, in the Dakshinachitra project in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in the rehabilitation of disaster sites at Nagapattinam, Bhuj or Lattur and in the Muziris Heritage Project in Kerala.


Apart from being a professional with strong principles, Benny is a serious student and researcher. He readily shares his knowledge and expertise in his projects, his workshops and in his writings.

A video documentary on Benny's architectural works  - Part I  Part II


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