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MRC Office


The MRC office is a single storey office building with courtyards and internal verandahs, which serve as a surprise to the visitors entering the building. They tend to be taken aback by the sight of courtyards and internal verandahs punctured into the built form of an office building. There are separate ways of access are for the office personnel and the other services. The ground level comprises all of the social areas like the waiting area, courtyards and dining. The massive dimensions of the lobby and the open courtyard beyond it give one a sense of the building's size upon entering.

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The flooring of the hallways and rooms is made of ceramic tiles, whereas the hall, dining room, and lobby are made of Kota stone and marble. The cast-iron columns that grace the pathways stand out against the white walls while also complementing the grey flooring. No concrete is utilised in the construction of the roof, which is made up of traditional Tamil Nadu pan tiles laid over hollow box steel sections. The walls are studded with recycled timber doors and windows. As a result, adhering to sustainable architecture principles, appropriate natural ventilation via verandahs and courtyards, and the use of recycled materials separates this office design from the norm.

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