Mangala Heritage Home


Across the villages of India, countless traditional houses get razed down, to be replaced with poorly designed concrete structures.
An opportunity was presented, to restore one such beautiful house that has stood the test of time, in the quaint village of Thirupugaloor in Nagapattinam district. The proposition was to convert it into a heritage home for people who visit the village’s famous temple complex.
The house was of typical Tamilnadu style with narrow rooms, small courtyards, and a toilet only in the backyard. The design resolved to meet the requirements of modern day utilities, without de-forming the character of the house. Narrow rooms were combined to make spacious bedrooms with attached toilets. Two more bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area were introduced in the back.
The extension incorporated similar joinery details, tiles / oxide flooring, as the old house and blends into one.
The courtyards were painted with striking colours of the sun and the sky, embellished with polished tapering timber columns. The niches hold interesting artefacts giving the interiors a cozy welcome.

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