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The Future Of A Heritage Project - The Hindu

July 10, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

"The article published in The Hindu, written by S. Anandan, talks about how the difference of opinion between the Paliam trust and the government has affected the Muziris heritage project and how the attempt by the state to infringe on the proprietary rights has loomed over the project.
The prestigious Muziris Heritage Project, which strings together some 100 heritage destinations and monuments, has been menacingly loomed by a serious difference of opinion between the centre and state. Moreover, serious violations of the agreement on the part of the tourism department have happened, says the Manager of Paliam Eswara seva trust, Mr.Krishnabalan Paliath.
The tiff is over the attempt by the government to rename the Kovilakam(Paliam palace) and Paliam Nalukettu as' Kerala history museum 'and’ Kerala lifestyle museum ', as described in the official MHP guide books. Mr. Krishnabalan argues that the government has overstepped its mandate by infringing on the proprietary rights of the trust. The government’s attempt to appoint staff for the operational management of the museum had little impact on soothing the frayed nerves."

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