• Jerome K Benhur


The internship period was a very fruitful one and doing my internship here showed me a small trailer to what was going to be on the big screen. I was involved in a wide range of projects like hotels, resorts, churches, master plans, residences, showrooms, and also conservation of buildings in various levels. The extent of work that an intern gets, totally depends on the enthusiasm to involve in the office and the patience until this enthusiasm is recognized. The office has a working environment with firm ground rules which is outlined only to bring out the right attitude towards learning and also gave us a platform to develop various skills. Whatsoever, our office is always filled of people with fresh ideas. I was involved in one of the major projects, the Muziris Heritage Project that the office has been working on for around 7 years now. We had workshops, and brain storming discussions to bring out the best output. And in the process we also got to know the extent of problems one has to face in a large scale project. My work was in ‘way finding’ and signage – a field that is slowly gaining importance in the field of architecture and urban design. Local and International standards were considered and finally we achieved a user friendly signage system to be implemented in Muziris to help the local population and the tourists. Another innovative project was the Sterling resorts at Coorg. Through this project I got a glimpse of how to go about designing buildings in contours. It was a real challenge to design in such a steep site. Internship period was like a transition phase from the playful college environment to the actual reality. My interest to become a conservation architect has now grown much stronger with more clarity.

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