• Reji Benoy


Two days time... The views had to be done in such a way, that it creates an impression. Our basic ideology which helped me at that moment - ‘Do not bother about the time you have, work hard, do your best with a determination that you can finish it on time, the result will be good’. Revisions in the massing were plenty, but in the process I got to understand the method of visualization and the reason behind the changes.

Though tedious, the experience was fruitful. I could feel the difference in my confidence level. With the help of my colleagues, Vishnu, Anusree and Mythili, all in a night’s time, I made the final changes, set the scenes, rendered using kerkythea and made quick post rendering in Photoshop. The views had to be mailed by noon next day. In spite of a few last minute confusions, we managed to deliver on time. The meeting went on well.
That feeling one has while being recognised and appreciated for one’s hard work is enough to keep the fuel burning inside and to set flame to the desire to achieve more.


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