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Lush green, clear green mirage water and the slightly contoured green patch of land housing the beautiful ‘Quiet’. The idea was not a stereotyped get away luxury resort but a place where sustainability is practised, serenity celebrated, homeliness enjoyed and a day well spent with Nature. The location does have its uniqueness from the conventional counterparts. Kerala being enriched in natural heritage is hence well equipped with resorts along its coastal lines, lakes, rivers and hills though none would come close to this location. Located near Cochin in the beautiful Malayattoor forest range, in close proximity to the Bhoothathankettu dam and Salim Ali bird sanctuary with the poetic Periyar flowing next to it.

Being an easy destination from major cities around makes ‘the quiet’ attractive. Coming by any vehicle doesn’t matter as it will take you only till the river? From there starts the real ‘quiet’ experience. Moving through the river and the lush green of Malayattoor in the boat, one reaches the large welcoming timber gazebo reached by few flights of stone steps.

The resort has an amazing ambience of a holiday cottage built entirely in stone and timber amidst the rubber plantations. There structures were all simple yet conveying the uniqueness that BK designs offer. The restaurant which is entirely built out of stone with large timber windows offering views to the surrounding splendour.

The swimming pool being next to the river gives it the feel of an infinity pool. Cottages explains how simple is beautiful with its stone walls and traditional timber roof. Timber panelled seating all around, large french windows , in short at all the points of the resort splendid views are offered towards the Periyar which make everyone love ‘the quiet’ even more.

It was planned as a family resort and having its own signature in construction. The idea of sustainable tourism was incorporated here where the major portion of the construction and materials satisfied the idea of sustainability. Two of the cottages were built out of stone and another two built out of timber which was obtained from timber salvaged from an old traditional house in Kochi. In similar terms is the timber used in the resort which are all recycled ones.

Moving away from the planned architecture, the resort was built keeping in mind the space and privacy in mind where people are unbound of rules, connect with the nature and to heal themselves for few days from their busy polluted city life.

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