• Anusree Bammancherry


Are we beating around the bush?

Sustainability has always been one of the topic that goes to heated levels of discussions in the college canteens. This is majorly because the word is not something that can be defined but a perspective. A perspective with various dimensions. Sustainability in building materials, urban design, lifestyle and transportation are separate entities capable of fuelling discussions that can go on for hours. But at the same time it is almost impossible to deal with these topics distinctly. It is more of an interdependency web. One decision affects the other and one change modifies the rest. But sustainability is an issue that we should not foresee. Because the end is near and the only solution we have is either expanding the circle or reversing the same.
Our human mind has two defence mechanisms, one, Denial, two, Blame. All of us know – The end is near. But that thought, if processed can lead to catastrophic levels of stress, which can breakdown our trust in living. And so, our brain automatically runs its first defence mechanism – Denial. Most of us often convince ourselves saying, “Nothing will happen, everything will be good.” Often God becomes the catalyst for this process. Those who breakdown the mechanism of denial progress to the next – Blame, and there stops the quest for the solution.

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