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I am attaching a letter written by Sri Laurie Baker on one of the days he could not visit the site. I was learning the basics of architecture lessons from him during 1984. He will send the cash with the driver and will send a letter mostly written on newsprint paper or on the back of a wedding card. When I was working with him, one day he said that he completed 1000 buildings now, and most of these are in and around Trivandrum. There were no contractors involved in any of his projects. The amazing aspect was that he trained the masons and carpenters and there were no architects and engineers working with him. He personally kept the accounts, bought the building materials, paid the labourers, drafted the drawings, supervised the site and everything else connected with the construction. There was no office no staff, and no supervisors. Gerard Da Cunha was the first to work with Sri Baker. Ramesh from Goa, Thomas from College of Engineering, Trivandrum, me and Rajendra Babu from NIT Trichy followed Gerard. In fact, none of us did any major work at site, we were learning from him.

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