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Sketch by Jessin Kabir, an intern at our office (from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi)

PORT BUILDING, located along the beach road near Tourist Protection Centre. The heritage resource was used as a port building, which is presently abandoned but once must have been one of the most important buildings for trade purposes. As there are traces of old railway tracks found along the building with lamp posts on either side heading towards the Supply co godowns from the sea pier and thus the heritage is of a tremendous potential. The architectural style of the heritage resource is a blending of Kerala and British architecture. The built form is a rectangular plan and is a double story load bearing structure with a traditional sloping roof. The materials used are Mangalore tiles for the roof and walls are made up of laterite blocks. At present the built structure is in a dilapidated condition and is in a state of decay. Major threats to the heritage resource are negligence due to lack of awareness and growth of natural vegetation. A high compound wall is recently built in front of the building which is obstructing the view of the structure from the street and the beach.

#AlleppeyHeritageProject #AlappuzhaHeritageProject

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