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To Architects, Engineers, Sociologists etc interested in Research on Sustainable Architecture

I have decided to start a research group within my office to research sustainable architectural approaches. It is an apt time to delve into researching issues that will affect all of us in the future. Through investing in an in-house research lab, we hope to strengthen our sustainable approach and develop new ways of approaching sustainable design in an Indian context.

Architecture is influenced by climate, technology (materials and techniques), culture etc. We plan to do research on the intersectional relationship between architecture and seemingly disparate fields including urban planning, conservation, disaster management, anthropology, ecology, culture, economics etc. We need to take our research beyond established environmental standards and think deeply about how architecture can become more in tune with our ecology. The resources we so carelessly use, ultimately are limited and come from our natural environment.

How can the gap between theory and the practice be bridged? How can there be more of an interface between academia and practices? How can we develop novel approaches that take into account the Indian context with all its complexity and idiosyncrasies?

To answer these questions and more we are looking to hire a team of young researchers, preferably recent graduates, who are interested in being part of this architecture laboratory. We do not expect you to have previous experiences with research but you must illustrate a keen interest in architecture and be familiar with ideas about the built environment.

One can see some of our initial thoughts by clicking the image below:

Sustainable Architecture in a Different Perspective

During the first 6 months, a stipend of Rs. 12000/- will be paid. At present, we pay Rs. 22500/- after a period of 6 months. A statement of purpose (not exceeding 400 words) and a write up on what you think of sustainability and the key issues relating to it that you care about (Minimum 500 words and Maximum 1000 words) should be sent to us along with the CV and Portfolio.

Last date of application - 30th June 2020

Date of Joining - 15th July 2020

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