• Benny Kuriakose

Peaceful, Happy, Prosperous and Blissful New Year to All.

The last month of the year was not a pleasant experience because of the Chennai Floods. We suffered much less when compared with the neighbours and thousands of people around us. The entire ground floor of the house and the office was flooded, which means 10 feet of water in the ground floor (13 feet of water in the road). We had to escape in a boat and stay with our friends. Two of my cars were a total loss in addition to one more office car. Also the entire electricity panels were inundated with water and the office could not function more than two weeks. We are slowly coping up with the pending works and hope that the next year will be happy and prosperous. Thanks to all those people who supported us especially Chitra and Issac Thomas Kottukapallly who hosted for those two weeks.


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