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I had the fortune of giving this years Laurie Baker Memorial Lecture (Topic - Laurie Baker - Lessons Learnt and Their Relevance) organized by the Department of Architecture, Thrissur Engineering College and COSTFORD. I was very lucky or fortunate enough to work with him. I met him by accident, but it changed my life altogether. When I started my career in May, 1984 or when I left Laurie Baker in Feb, 1985, I never imagined that I will be able to design even a 250 sq.ft. house. Thanks to all my friends, clients, associates, masons, carpenters and all master craftsmen who have contributed to what I am today.

Also, I was very happy to attend a function organized by COSTFORD after a gap of more than 25 years. I was fortunate to join COSTFORD in 1985 as the Joint Director and take an active part in the first few buildings constructed by COSTFORD. So it was like a home-coming to me. Thanks Dutt Mash & Costford for inviting me. In the afternoon, I gave another talk on "Sustainable Habitat; Issues & Concerns" in the Thrissur Costford office.

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