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The architects should realise that the general public hate many of the buildings that come up in the city. The public use words such as 'concrete block', 'box like structures' etc. They know that the traditional buildings were much more suitable for the climate and were more sustainable. Perhaps, the people who build and design such structures may accuse the public for lack of aesthetic sense or awareness for not appreciating the inhumane buildings which come up in the city.

It is to be seen that the bulk of the buildings which change the face of the city are the apartments, office blocks and shopping precincts. Even the so called architectural magazines do not cover these projects and these projects are missing from the architectural awards. Many of the architects are forced to do their designs to increase the profit margins of the developer at the cost of the design quality, rather than for the actual users.

When Le Corbusier argued for multi-storied apartment, he said that only 15% should be built up and 85% shall be left as open spaces. The social content of the early architects were forgotten and what remained was the greed of the developers.

The elevations of the office blocks changed over the years from granite cladding to glass to aluminium composite panels, but I do not think that the quality of the architecture changed much in a positive direction, as far as the users are concerned. We went after styling.

Unité d'Habitation of Berlin - Le Corbusier
Unité d'Habitation of Berlin - Le Corbusier

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