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Research on Green Living had been on our to-do list for quite some time. And it finally materialized today. We had a brainstorming session headed by three inspirable minds. Dr. M.P. Parameswaran, Dr. Swaminathan and Mr. Badrinath. The trio involved us in a heated discussion. We debated about various topics from urban development to vermicomposting systems. Basically, it was a kick start, to initiate the research. It gave us a perspective and a direction to move forward. We discussed about different aspects we could research about. Sustainability will not be executable through architecture or systems alone. It needs to evolve from lifestyle and architecture can inspire or modify the user’s lifestyle to a great extent. The possibility and approach to do this should be the basis for the research. Its effect on its surrounding environment should be analysed and considered. And we concluded with a chat about what we are actually expecting as the outcome of the research. Totally stimulating, the brain-storming session gave us a lot to ponder upon.


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