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This award seems to be the Editor’s Choice and it is for “Exemplary Body of Work”. When I checked the dictionary for the word exemplary, it says ‘serving as a desirable model’. I always tell the architects in my office that they should try to become leaders, rather than followers in the architecture field.


I am happy with the award for few reasons;

  1. The award is not for any specific project, but covers my entire career.

  2. I am happy to receive the award especially considering the fact, I do not have a formal degree in architecture.

  3. I did not apply for the award, but still I am being recognized.

I always say that I am able to do the design of buildings which are different, because I do not have a degree in architecture. Architecture is a creative profession similar to film making, journalism, photography etc. where the successful people such as Satyajit Ray etc. do not have any formal degrees. The fact that Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tadao Ando, Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe, Buckminister Fuller, Luis Barragan, Peter Zumthor, and B V Doshi do not have a formal degree in architecture has always inspired me to do projects and will continue to do. I was able to learn the basic lessons of architecture from Laurie Baker and continued to learn from many others who have supported me in my career.


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