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Sri Chandra Dutt was "Dutt Mash" to most of the people. I met him for the first time in Chintha Publishers Office in Trivandrum with Dr. M.P Parameswaran in 1985, which became a long-term relationship. I was asked to join Costford to spread the alternate technology.

Dutt Mash was the founder director of COSTFORD, which was formed in 1985 with the former Chief Minister Sri Achutha Menon as the Chairman, MP Parameswaran​ and Dr. KN Raj as the vice chairmen. Former President of KSSP Sri CG Santhakumar was the joined director. I also joined as the joint director.

Jaigopal Rao, Gopal Shankar, Sajan PB, Angelique Chettiparamb, Padmakumar and many others were brought into the cost effective technology by COSTFORD and Dutt Mash. He has always behind the scene and worked very silently to popularize the so-called "Baker Model". If Dutt Mash had not done this, I think the Baker technology would not have got popularised to this extent.

In 1985, Dutt Mash and I went to meet Laurie Baker​ and worked out the initial housing activities of COSTFORD. We decided to start the construction of three houses in a remote village in Thrissur based on the designs by Laurie Baker. When I went to Thrissur to start the construction, I was introduced to Dilip who was the Kerala State Polytechnic Union Chairman. I used to sleep in the rented house of Dutt Mash and Padmavathi teacher and their sons treated me like a family member.

I join the COSTFORD family in the deep grief caused by the sudden demise.

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