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I am not saying that the qualification is not important, but the way the architecture is being taught in India has many drawbacks. Looking at the young architects who comes to work with me, firstly, there is no proper understanding of what is good architecture, without knowing this, how can you design what is good architecture. Secondly, they do not have good role models, unfortunately their role models are the ones who are commercially successful and famous. Thirdly, they never have exposure to any “build" exercise, which I think there should be one every semester. They never learn on how to “engineer the design”. Fourthly, they do not read any good books or try to understand the works of great architects and the concepts behind them and they just follow the photos in the glossy books and try to emulate them. Fifthly, their exposure to other related fields such as humanities subjects, ecology and even engineering is very little. They do not realise that architecture, urban planning, sustainability and heritage are all related with the people and never tries to understand how one field is related to the other. I should say that they are like frogs in a well and why the public hate the so called “modern architecture” which can really solve many problems which the society is facing. Above all, the last but not the least, the attitudes of many are wrong and they think that they know everything and all that they need is to get projects. In my office, I find that they have to “Delearn” many things.



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