• Benny Kuriakose


I am getting many applications for job/internships every month. Many of them sends the application twice or even more times. With so many colleges, this will be the case with most of the firms. Many aspirants wants to learn from me and are keen on joining the office. I will not be able to select all of them because mine is a small office. That is why I thought, we will take more people and train them.

Looking at the portfolios, I find that the skills such as design, 3D, presentation, page layout, writing, softwares, etc. needs lot of improvement. Also we find that our requirements are different. and we need to train the freshers quite a bit. We are looking for passionate, ambitious and talented candidates. We try to improve the skills of interns who have talent and passion. We encourage them to use the right side of the brain.

We are opening an internship program for the architects with less than 2 years experience. During the internship period of six months, the candidates will be exposed to different skills in the office and if found suitable will be absorbed into the office after 6 months of training. During the internship period, a stipend of Rs. 12000/- will be paid. If anybody is having more experience or higher qualifications, we will consider giving a higher stipend after 3 months, provided their output and contribution to the office is more or good in comparison with the junior architects who have finished their internship after the 6 months period.

This internship is not meant for the students of architecture and is open only to the graduates.

Please apply to info@bennykuriakose.com with your portfolio (please do not include any internship works, competition projects and joint projects in the portfolio). A statement of purpose in not more than 500 words is to be sent along with the application. Please put Vedika Internship in the subject lines that this is not mixed with the rest of the applications. We may not be able to respond to every application, but thank you for the interest shown in working with us.

Please see our works in the website www.bennykuriakose.com

Those who feel that we are trying to get cheap labour, please do not apply. Last date of application - 15th December, 2019 Date of Joining - 2nd January, 2019


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