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To Architects, Engineers, Sociologists, etc. interested in Research on Sustainable Architecture

I have decided to start a research group within my office to do work on sustainable architecture. After being a small contributor to the book "Tropical House Design Handbook: Bioclimatic, Safe, Comfortable, Economical, and Respectful of the Environment," published by Routledge, so many questions have come to the front that should be studied and researched now. I think it is apt to do research since I have not gotten involved much since completing my doctorate from IIT Madras. We hope to throw in-house idea research labs.

Architecture is dependent on climate, technology (materials and techniques), culture, etc. What we plan to research is on the relationship of architecture with allied fields including urban planning, conservation, ecology, culture, economics, etc. There are a lot of thought processes happening in various parts of the world. People are talking beyond the life cycle assessment of the materials. We need to develop an architecture that is in tune with nature. The resources we use to build are coming from nature.

How can the theory and the practice be related? How can there be more interface happening between academia and the design offices? How can we develop an approach taking into account the Indian Context with all its problems and issues?

Listen to my TED talk on the subject - Vernacular Architecture: The Path to Sustainability

We are looking for young researchers who are interested in being part of this experiment and have a strong interest in research.

For sociologists and anthropologists, we are looking for postgraduates. For engineering, architecture, and design, a bachelor's degree shall be sufficient. During the first 6 months, a stipend of Rs. 18000/- will be paid. A statement of purpose (not exceeding 400 words) and a write-up on what you understand by sustainability (Minimum 500 words and Maximum 1000 words) shall be sent to us along with the CV and Portfolio.

Those who feel that we are trying to get cheap labor, please do not apply.

Last date of application - 30 June, 2024

Date of Joining - 1st August, 2024

If anybody has more experience or higher qualifications, we will consider giving a higher stipend after 3 months, provided their output and contribution to the office is more or better in comparison with the junior architects.

Courtyard view of a residential project in Chennai called La Casa Rojo designed by Benny Kuriakose


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