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Benny Kuriakose and Associates is Hiring Content Developers, Graphic Designers & Film Editors

We are looking for passionate, ambitious, and young talented Content Developers, Graphic Designers & Film Editors, to work in our office. We make an effort to strengthen the abilities of candidates with talent and enthusiasm. We encourage them to engage their right brain.

Over the course of a minimum six-month probationary period, candidates will be exposed to various skills in the office and, if found acceptable, will be incorporated into the office. Regular performance reviews will be conducted during the probationary period, and the candidates are expected to make consistent improvement. Throughout the probationary period, each task's performance will be examined and evaluated using a comprehensive monitoring system, and it has to always be satisfactory.

We have a flat hierarchy structure at Benny Kuriakose and Associates, where everyone is treated equally in terms of work and responsibilities. This promotes a more collaborative work environment and bridges the gap between senior and younger staff. Our work extends beyond merely architectural projects; it also involves writing, research, audio-visual presentations, exhibitions, publications, website design and development, social media, etc. This internship is solely intended for recent graduates and it is not meant for students.

A stipend of Rs. 12000/- would be paid during the internship period of 6 months. If somebody has more experience or higher qualifications, we may consider paying a higher stipend after three months if their performance and contribution to the office are more or equal to that of young content developers or film editors who have completed their internship after six months. Candidates must preferably be based in Chennai or willing to relocate.

Please send the resume and portfolio (below 15MB) to Also, a write-up in not more than 500 words is to be submitted along with the resume, which contains separate answers for each of the questions given below.

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

  2. What way will you be able to contribute to the office?

  3. What do you expect to learn from the office?

Please note to add 'Application for Benny Kuriakose & Associates - Your Name' in the subject lines to avoid mixing with the rest of the applications. Also, If you would like to apply for more than 1 position, please make sure that separate applications have been submitted for each. We may not be able to respond to every application, but thank you for the interest shown in working with us.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, the following are the additional requirements for each job position.

Content Developers

We are working towards creating a portal website, aimed at the dissemination of information related to the built environment to the general public. And we seek young, creative, and skilled content editors. The desired candidate will be a passionate writer and skilled communicator with an interest in the fields of design and architecture.


  1. Create and curate content for publications including Architectural monographs, websites, and social media platforms.

  2. Write and edit content for Museum panels.

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Bachelor's degree in English, journalism, or related field, with a strong interest in Art, Architecture, Design, History, and the Social Sciences.

  2. Excellent written English

  3. Architecture and design sector experience preferred but not essential

  4. Strong team player with the ability to collaborate with architects and designers.

  5. Strong organizational skills and ability to calmly manage a busy workload and deliver to tight deadlines

  6. Good Microsoft Office skills (e.g. Outlook, Excel, Word), and working knowledge in Adobe InDesign are preferred, but not essential.

  7. Keen interest and skills in research and critical analysis.

Two of the best and most recent samples of writing (under 500 words), if possible related to the fields of Art/Design/Architecture, are to be attached.

Graphic Designer

The candidate should have a passion for, and be eager to experiment with creating graphic content for our diverse projects.


  1. Publications, both digital and print, including Architectural monographs.

  2. Use creative thinking to develop and present new design concepts, graphics, and layouts, with strong visual identities appropriate for specific projects.

  3. Social media content (digital engagement and outreach campaign assets)

  4. Environmental graphic design for Museums (wall panels, artifact labels, brochure, and interpretative material).

  5. Translating stories and ideas into graphics, including infographics.

  6. Oversee and assist with retouching of available photographs.

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Bachelors degree in Art, Photography, Graphic Design or other related fields & solid knowledge of social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube

  2. Passion for Art, Design, Architecture, and content creation.

  3. Confidence in concepts, ideas, and willingness to experiment.

  4. Expert at Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and print production.

  5. Understanding trends in website design and experience in any other fields of design will be a plus.

The portfolio with the recent works mentioned (below 15MB) has to be attached along with the resume.

Film Editors

We are looking for a creative film editor with storytelling skills who is interested in documentaries and films.


  1. Be responsible for developing, editing, and creating content for video shorts, digital snippets, as well as long-form videos.

  2. Trim the footage into segments and put together the sequence of the film.

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in film, video production or communications or related field

  2. Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer.)

  3. Organized and pay attention to detail

  4. Inserting dialogue, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects.

  5. Good color grading sense and skills and able to tell a story through editing

  6. Critical thinking for determining appropriate edits.

  7. Sound technical knowledge of professional lighting and photography equipment

The portfolio with a video editing reel of your best work (below 25MB) has to be attached along with the resume.

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