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Wayanad House - Architects Home News Malayalam Magazine

June 30, 2017 at 6:30:00 PM

An article on the Wayanad house designed by Benny Kuriakose is published in one of the leading architectural magazines published in Malayalam.The article outlines the uniqueness of the project.
Everyone is mesmerised by the sight of the home perched on its feet, surrounded by a vast landscape.

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Knowing how beautiful the location is, the architect made sure the natural beauty was preserved in the design. Building the house while preserving this beauty was difficult. Since the terrain was steep and needed to be accessed from all sides, the first step was to select a good location to build a house. The choice to fortify the building was one of the first ones made during design. The choice was made to construct beams in order to lift the structure. Since the region is low-lying, footings are created and raised to level ground. The living room of the house is like a glass castle. You will be able to see the wildness of the Wayanad forest if you look outside from inside the house. This house is a rare combination of wood and glass. Burned bricks add charm to the front of the house. The beauty is enhanced tenfold by the addition of beautiful glass windows finished in a matching wooden frame. For strength, concrete has been used along with wood and glass.

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