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Architecture Involves Creativity - The Times of India

May 3, 2007 at 6:30:00 PM

This is an article in The Times of India where Dr Benny Kuriakose stresses the importance of practising eco-friendly architecture. Benny Kuriakose is a Chennai-based architect and an expert on low-cost architecture. He's also a student of the legendary architect Laurie Baker. Kuriakose is currently involved in the reconstruction of two tsunami-hit villages in Nagapattinam. Poornima B. V. catches up with him for a chat on eco-friendly architecture. "The concept of eco-friendly architecture in the Indian context is different. Low cost does not necessarily mean low quality.

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I believe that what we need is an architecture that takes its lessons from our traditional techniques and materials. We will be making the same mistakes we made 40 years ago by copying architecture from the West, made of steel and concrete, which had no relation to our climate, social and cultural aspects. We need to use a material that's available locally. We lack the financial resources to follow the international style of green architecture. It is high time we thought about the energy consumed by buildings. Recycling and reuse of materials should be encouraged," says Benny. Read the full interview here.

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