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Benny Kuriakose About Muziris Heritage Project - The Hindu

June 25, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

Suganthy Krishnamachari, from The Hindu, talks with Benny Kuriakose about the Muziris Heritage Project. The article highlights the increasing importance of heritage and vernacular architecture. Kuriakose shares his experience as a Muziris Heritage Project Consultant. The efforts of Benny Kuriakose on the Muziris Heritage Project are one of the best examples of conserving the architectural heritage of India. "

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"Think of Kerala, and it's not just natural beauty that comes to mind, but the way the state has preserved its past. In fact, if one wants to hear lovely old Tamil words such as thaazhkol (key) and uduppu (clothes), being used in everyday conversation, one has to go to Kerala. But on a visit to Kerala some years ago, this writer noticed the strident march of modernism in quite a few places, with graceful homes being replaced by 'modern' ones in hideous shades of purple and pink. And one couldn't help wondering if Kerala, too, was losing its grip on tradition. "

No other country pulls out all the stops for tourists the way we do. By all means, let the tourists come. But we shouldn't make compromises." says Benny

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