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Builder of Dreams An Interview with Benny Kuriakose - The Hindu

January 29, 2017 at 6:30:00 PM

Two decades after he moved to Chennai, Benny Kuriakose continues to design enduring spaces that outlast architectural trends. An interview with Benny Kuriakose by The Hindu newspaper discusses his notable projects as well as his thoughts on sustainable architecture. His distinctly ageless signature projects include Sundari Silks, Hari Shree Vidyalayam School, MRC Convention Centre, and so on. Benny Kuriakose is also known for his conservation projects, and he is the conservation consultant for the Kerala government’s Muziris Heritage Project.

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"When the project that impelled Benny Kuriakose to move to Chennai was inaugurated in December 1996, he was often asked how he expected exposed brick buildings to withstand the saline, humid air at a shouting distance from the Bay of Bengal. The making of DakshinaChitra and its re-assembled houses was an undertaking with several unique tasks, including the painstaking numbering and reconstruction of hundreds of dismantled sections from old homes.

Twenty years on, the must-visit heritage centre continues to stand with distinction. It is this unfaltering aesthetic that defines Benny’s architecture as much as his preference for local and recycled materials, timber windows, sloping roofs, airy verandahs, and sunlit courtyards. " - The article continues.

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