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Dakshinachitra - Tamil Nadu - Article From the Book EARTH MATTERS

July 31, 2013 at 6:30:00 PM

This article is published in the book "Earth Matters" by an Indian Architect and Builder. Dakshinachitra was envisioned as a heritage village that offers visitors a view of the vernacular culture of South India. This Cultural Centre in India is conceived as an outdoor museum that displays the lifestyle of the South Indian people by recreating an environment of their everyday lives. One can witness the overall form and design of the public buildings in Dakshinachitra, crafted by Laurie Baker and Benny Kuriakose.

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The idea is to create a unique cultural centre, a space where visitors can unwind leisurely and learn simultaneously. The importance of traditionalism as an elemental is an essential idea. The book describes the master plan and the purpose of Dakshinachitra in detail. It describes the design approach as being “sensitive to the dictates of climate, location and availability of materials, blending traditional elements and indigenous skill to evolve a design for the need of a contemporary context.” The construction is carried out by traditional craftsmen and masons. Read the full article to know more!

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