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First Project Of Benny Kuriakose - Elle Decor

October 31, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

This article in Elle Décor talks about Benny Kuriakose's first project built in Kottayam for the college lecturer couple, Prof. P C John and Prof. Susan, which served as a springboard for him to become one of India's most well-known designers, recognised for his low-cost housing projects. The multi-talented Benny Kuriakose got his first independent project- a three-bedroom family home in Kottayam, during 1985-86, when he was the joint director at COSTFORD, Thrissur. The architecture profession was never a natural choice for Benny.

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“My dream was to be a cinematographer,” states the designer. The river-facing bungalow was named ‘Arc’ because of its curved structure. Natural materials like country bricks and wood were placed together using Laurie Baker’s design principles to create the basic vocabulary of the space. "Since the plot was not large enough to build a straight-lined house, we had to construct it in an arched shape,” Benny says. This 1,750 sq ft structure offers enviable views of the river; however, “the most important factor was that the rooms including the kitchen overlook it,” adds Benny.

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