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How Benny Kuriakose Heir to Laurie Baker Keeps It Real

September 7, 2017 at 6:30:00 PM

Benny Kuriakose fell into the field of architecture by accident after a chance meeting with the legendary British-born Indian architect Laurie Baker. For 30 years Kuriakose, based in the southern Indian city of Chennai, has followed the Baker philosophy using mostly natural and eco-friendly materials with designs that have a very high interplay of natural light and air. In this interview with Grin News, he shares his thoughts on sustainable architecture, his design philosophy, and some of his most important projects, like the Muziris Heritage Project.

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"I learnt quite a bit working on conservation projects. The best way of going green is to conserve our old buildings. Working on the Muziris Heritage Project, it has been proven that conservation and development can go together. It is planned as a conservation project. In one sentence, when the project is completed, it will be a walk, through 3,000 years of history of the (the southern Indian state of) Kerala" he says about it.

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