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How Green Is Your Home? - The New Indian Express

January 17, 2008 at 6:30:00 PM

Dr Benny Kuriakose has a long record of eco-homes to his name, having learned under the great architect Laurie Baker, who embraced Gandhian principles of sustainability in construction. In the article titled “How green is your home?”, Benny shares some useful ‘green’ ideas on eco-friendly buildings and conversation with Tejonmayam from The New Indian Express. “Use local materials and recycled doors and windows to create eco-friendly buildings,” says Benny Kuriakose.

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Talking about green architecture pioneered by Laurie Baker, Kuriakose says, “He advocated the use of local materials, which are more cheaper and more labour intensive and uses less energy. He had natural methods of cooling in the house, in contrast to many of our green buildings, which let in all the heat using glass facades.” He says that homes in Chennai are on the path to becoming eco-friendly with more and more houses opting for rainwater harvesting. Commenting on the durability of eco-friendly houses, he says that the durability depends on the quality of construction and some design details, more than the material used. For more ideas, read the complete conversation here!

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