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Kitchen Trends - Grihalakshmi Magazine

March 31, 2007 at 6:30:00 PM

In the Malayalam article on kitchen design trends that appeared in Grihalakshmi, the shifting trends in kitchen design and interiors are discussed by conservation consultant Benny Kuriakose.

The kitchen space is now being reduced in size, and more cabinets are being built. Although the length of the kitchen slab is shorter, it is still easier to work on because of its length. There is another advantage to kitchen cabinet making, despite the modest cost. Our outdated storage facilities can be eliminated. There is a door that connects the master bedroom to the children's bedroom, and the kitchen itself may be used as a storage space.

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Other recent design alterations include the toilet having a separate shower area and the dining room being designed inside the kitchen itself. The master bedroom is now designed to accommodate parents and very young children sleeping together. There is also the practice of building another bedroom next to the master bedroom for the children to sleep in when they grow up. Adding a door from the master bedroom to the children's bedroom will draw more attention to them.Computers, TVs, and home theater systems are increasingly being placed in bedrooms. This is to develop good friendships between father, mother, and children. In most of our houses, the head of the family has a separate office room. But housewives do not have their own little space inside the house. In recent years, a table and a chair have been reserved for housewives in the master bedroom.

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