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Mangala Heritage - The Hindu

September 3, 2011, 6:30:00 PM

The Hindu newspaper writes about the conserved Mangala Heritage Resort in Thirupugalur. Madhumita Srinivasan, for The Hindu, visits the conserved Mangala Heritage Home in Thirupugalur and recounts her experience. "The Spartan exterior was a contrast to what the home was like inside. It is a traditional Chettinad-style house that is in two parts — the front portion with the open courtyard right in the centre, two bedrooms and a yard; and the back portion beyond the yard with the kitchen, dining area and two more bedrooms."
It’s not the structure, but what Shanta Guhan, a member of The Crafts Council of India, and designer Benny Kuriakose, credited with designing Dakshinachitra, have done to it. The facelift comes from the contrastingly painted walls (bright yellow, blue and orange), polished pillars, double wooden swings, framed artwork, brass artefacts, cement bathtubs to brass fittings in the bathroom.

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