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Conserving Timber Structures In India

November 30, 2007 at 6:30:00 PM

Timber is a processed natural building material that has long been popular in the field of sustainable architecture. The benefits of lumber in building, its flaws, timber in architecture, and the proper selection technique are all thoroughly explained in Benny Kuriakose's conservation manual. This guidebook, titled "Conserving Timber Structures in India," offers an amazing, thorough tour of the use of timber in Indian architecture and structures.

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It looks at the numerous sorts of structures that are commonly linked with the timber-frame tradition. This book covers repair methodologies, investigative procedures, preliminary surveys, and structural surveys, as well as case studies. There are various line illustrations and images in it.

In India, many tropical hardwoods such as teak, walnut, rosewood, deodar, etc. are available. Timber is used for structural work because of its many advantages as a building material. Carpenters, contractors, and engineers have a tendency to replace even minor wood members. In conservation projects, removing a timber roof or floor should be the last resort. The importance of in-situ repair cannot be overstated.

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