February 1, 2020

What sustainability are we talking about, if our buildings can last only twenty five years? I have talked to many building professionals and none of them believes that concrete buildings will last for more than 75 years considering the bad quality of workmanship. The World Bank in a study has said in 1992, that unless our buildings are used for at least 75 years, we are never going to solve the housing problem.


When 100 new buildings are constructed, 50 sound old buildings are demolished. No wonder that the number of families (not people) without a house in India has increased from 25 million in 1984 to 50 million families now, in spite of all the developments which have been made in India. As Laurie Baker said, "it is a shame to the building profession that we had allowed these numbers to increase". Although the Government of India thinks that houses will be given to all by 2024, we dont have enough resources to build these houses in concrete or steel.


Photo is from the project "Once Upon a Hut" designed by us

































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January 29, 2020

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