February 13, 2020

"Poverty is the greatest pollution", said Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister in 1972 in the UN Conference on Human Settlements. She linked poverty and environment. 6% of the world’s population consumes more than 35% of its resources (an old statement, but still valid).


When the book "Limits to Growth" was published by Club of Rome in 1972, the resources were seen as limited. Now the waste disposal has become a very serious issue in addition to the limited resources. Roughly the construction and maintenance of the buildings account for the global warming and climate change. The problem is around the corner and it is high time that the building professionals need to look at these things from a different perspective. I am attaching an image showing statistics of the per capita emission of carbon emissions. An average American produces 16.1 tonnes of carbon emission while an average Indian produces 1.9 tonnes per capita. If this 1.9 Tonnes becomes 16.1 Tonnes, the issue will be very serious. For some of the highly populated countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan etc. (500-600 crores), the figures are low when compared with the developed countries (100 crores). In one way, it is the poverty of the poor nations in the world which is preventing the global warming and climate change.


Many reports say that climate change is a man made problem. Out of 700 crores people in the world, only 100 crores are responsible for it.
































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