February 14, 2020

To blindly follow an international sustainable architecture in style is dangerous. We need to look into our own roots and native architecture to find the solutions. Building construction accounts for 25% of the virgin wood and 40% of the raw stone, gravel and sand used worldwide each year. Globally, buildings consume 16% of the water, 40% of the energy used annually, and close to 70% of the sulphur oxides produced by the fuel combustion are produced through the creation of the electricity used to power houses and offices. (Dimson, 1996)


So far architects and planners seem to ignore the climate change. They still work in two dimensions. The third dimension sinking of the land and water rise is not taken into account. The fourth dimension TIME is ignored as well.The world water will look different in 50 years from now.


Much of India has a tiny environmental impact per capita compared to the west and their examples of green design.


Photo is from the project "Vishram on the Sea" designed by us
































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