Effects of Pandemic on the Conservation in Built Environment

July 31, 2021, 6:30:00 PM

The unexpected Covid-19 pandemic situation abruptly disrupted the normal, everyday life of people across the globe. Various professional and other economic sectors are getting affected, and the sudden health crisis has put the whole world on an unprecedented hold.

Dr Benny Kuriakose talks about the impact of pandemic on Architecture and details the role of the architects in ensuring a sustainable building environment for the generations to come. “Construction field is one of the worst affected because of the Pandemic,” says Dr Kuriakose, emphasizing the “long-term impacts” the global virus outbreak holds on the “real estate field and architecture.” He further speaks about the post-pandemic architecture design strategies and elaborates on the theory/idea that “Conservation and Development must go together.”

This detailed and informative talk on the Covid-19 impact on Architecture Industry and other fields maintain an educational and research value for both conservation enthusiasts and architecture devotees alike.

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