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Failure of Modern Architecture in Cities feat Benny Kuriakose

September 19, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

This is a brief excerpt from the two-part interview with renowned Indian designer and conservation consultant Dr. Benny Kuriakose about sustainability. In this video, he discusses how modern architectural design has fallen short since it is incapable of evolving to meet changing needs.

People have begun to recognise there is a problem as the construction of thousands of concrete structures has escalated. People are aware of the beauty and climate suitability of antique structures. For its early supporters, they believed that modern architecture was the key for improving people's living situations, especially those of the poorest. Western social, economic, and industrial conditions are what led to western modernity. It has drawbacks for everyone, not only for westerners but also for the planet's resources and ecosystem. Both its cost and its applicability to the economic, social, and cultural demands of the rest of the globe are lacking. Rarely is a resource shortage the main barrier to sustainable building. The disposal of trash and its effects, rather than a shortage of energy and other resources, are of critical importance for the future.

Here, Benny Kuriakose points out the duty of the architects and designers to see that more sustainable technologies are used and the need to develop new approaches and solutions, which means selecting appropriate technologies, using the best, not the cheapest method of construction, employing life-cycle assessment, seeking out local sources of energy and materials, and employing local building skills and know-how.

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