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Sustainable Development-Talk at Beyond Square Feet By Asset Homes

August 31, 2022 at 4:30:00 AM

The video shows Dr. Benny Kuriakose delivering a talk in Kochi as a part of the 22nd Beyond Square Feet event on World Environment Day, organised by Asset Homes, on the idea of "Sustainable Development." In the talk, he recounts his entire journey in Architecture right from his chance meeting with Laurie Baker, the value of experiential learning, the future of architecture, and much more. The discussion mainly concentrated on the drawbacks of uncritically adopting western architectural patterns. Additionally, he gives us an insight into the value of vernacular architecture and the need for sustainable development.

In the talk, he explains how he created his own style, introducing the concepts of using recycled materials and timber, and how he was into the conservation of buildings. His significant works are briefly outlined in the video.
He is known for his vernacular designs, inspired by his roots in South India, and loves using natural materials like timber, stone, and brick for construction. He believes conservation can lead to development. "Converting an existing building into something new is actually very sustainable in terms of materials and cost. "If you are recycling an entire building, you are conserving our heritage and doing it in an economical manner," explains Benny Kuriakose.
He predicted that wood would eventually replace other construction materials. This is a material that can be reused and recycled, unlike soil, burned bricks, granite, etc. The main benefit of using timber in our structures is that it locks in carbon. Only trees are capable of converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into oxygen. The carbon cycle is completed if wood is burned for fuel or left to rot. This releases carbon into the atmosphere. There will be less carbon in the atmosphere if more timber is used in building. Thus, as more and more trees are planted, global warming will be reversed.

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