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Alappuzha Heritage Project

First of a kind in India, the Alappuzha Heritage Project is the much-awaited face-lift the district needed. Alappuzha, referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’ is known for its breathtaking views and interlinked waterways. It is also home to the ‘Golden fiber’ that invited trade and prosperity to the region. The conservation project will celebrate Alappuzha’s unique history, culture, and heritage, by making it available to the public.


The region’s rich past will be exhibited in various locations spread across the city in premises that have been converted from dilapidated heritage buildings. The conservation of the canal, and interconnected waterways was also proposed as part of the Alappuzha Heritage Project. The project comprises around 20 museums, 11 memorials, and five other public places. Among these will be a ship and yarn museum that showcases its maritime and trade history. The abandoned factories, previously owned by the Volkart brothers and Darggarg, Smail and Co.Ltd along with the Port offices will be conserved to form heritage museums. Prehistoric mosques, schools, living communities are being preserved as an attempt to reclaim the lost glory of this port town.

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