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Our Unique Approach​

We approach each and every project with a dynamic design methodology that we creatively tailor to the brief and context. Each project is thereby developed through its own unique process that takes into account sustainability, cost-effectiveness while incorporating and adapting vernacular architectural practices to a contemporary setting. This process considers our vast design experience, various parameters imposed by the context and its ecology, our responsibility to the environment, and the specific requirements of our clients.

We value co-creating spaces with our clients, consultants and inhabitants. We enjoy this dialectical and dialogue-based process and it's our combined vision that creates truly creative and unique spaces that are tailored for the user and the environment.

Our approach to managing projects is to always maintain complete transparency and trust as we conduct ourselves bound to the highest ethical standards of practice. We draw on our vast experience to creatively deal with any issues or challenges that arise during the process of realising the design.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to transform and take an active part in creating a more humane and sustainable architectural landscape. It is important in a rapidly transforming country like India to take an active part in creating the built environment that is socially, economically and sustainably viable and bettering the lives of humans as well the environment and the ecosystem. We have always tried to do socially impactful projects and we would like to engage with more such projects in the future.

We aim to do this by constantly learning and trying to innovate our process of design. The careful need to balance the conservation of historic buildings and the design of new structures to new modes of living that are quickly becoming a reality is something we need to consider. A lot of the buildings that are being built do not reflect the lived reality of India. We are still stuck with colonial ideas of architecture and try to imitate western modes of living and building which are not suited for the climate or our ways of living. To this aim, we intend to continue our exploration of indigenous ways of building, reducing waste, using truly eco-friendly, local materials and making buildings that are durable and that enable inhabitants to lead their best lives.

As opposed to being luddites we prefer to think of technology not as the solution to all our problems but as something that needs to be carefully considered and incorporated with deep thought into buildings to enhance them rather than solve problems of our own making. Technology in other words cannot compensate for poorly thought-through design.

We are constantly developing new approaches and solutions to finding out the best and most sustainable methods of construction to enable durable long-lasting buildings while taking into consideration local building skills and techniques. Good sustainable design for us combines clever detailing with solid workmanship.

Lastly, we consider it very important to spread our message and our knowledge to the next generation of professionals. We will continue to strive to educate and raise awareness about our ideas for a better, more sustainable future for all.

Lily pond in Chitra Rajan Residence
Sit out at the rear side of the La Casa Roja designedby Benny Kuriakose & Associates
View of the cottages in Springdale Heritage designed by Benny Kuriakose & Associates
Courtyard of the main entrance building of Dakshinachitra designed by Benny Kuriakose & Associates
Lily pond in the garden of Ninan Tharian House designed by Benny Kuriakose & Associates
One of the old coir factory buildings in Alappuzha converted into an art gallery.
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