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On Sustainability

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our approach to sustainability in design and architecture is mindful of many dimensions such as social, economic, environmental and ecological. We as an organization are committed to improving our practice and integrating even more sustainable aspects of design into everything we attempt.

This has been and will become an even more important component going forward as it is a vital issue we must address due to the human-driven climate emergency and ecological deterioration. The construction industry as a whole is one of the major drivers of this emergency and we must challenge our practices for a more sustainable future for all.

Stabilised Earth Blocks which is a sustainability building material

The approach we have chosen to take towards sustainability goes beyond certifications which often function as general checklists and tools for greenwashing. We try to take a tailored approach based on the social and environmental context and try for even more ambitious outcomes than those set by these certification benchmarks. We try to take a context-driven, holistic approach that not only tries to minimize the impact of the life cycle of the building but try to think about how the building can have a net positive impact on our ecosystem. To this end, we are actively trying to research to try and quantify and improve our methodologies.

Exterior view of the restaurant and activity centre ofAnantya Resorts

High-quality durable buildings with high social value will always be more successful as the building will be able to adapt to changing times and we seek to ensure and preserve these goals through all the design phases and delivery. We aim to achieve in the most cost-effective way possible and drawing on our vast experience, we are able to advise our clients on what will be the most cost-effective in the long run.

We are committing ourselves to do more research and development on better, more sustainable practices and usage of resources. It is a fine balance that we must strike between our needs as human beings and the needs of other more-than-human species and future generations. One of the key areas we look towards is the embedded knowledge in the vernacular architecture of different regions whether it is the design principles or the use of local and renewable materials.

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