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BK&A on Cultural Heritage Management & Tourism

Cultural tourism is arguably the oldest of the ‘new’ tourism phenomena. People have been travelling for what we now call cultural tourism reasons since the days of the Romans; it is just that they were never recognized as being a discrete group of travelers before.” McKercher and Cros argued that the cultural tourism and cultural heritage sectors still operate in parallel, with little evidence being shown of true partnerships forming between them. They are of the opinion that “sustainability can occur only when the practice of trading off one set of values for other ceases and, instead, tourism and cultural heritage management interests work toward the achievement of common goals.


Tourism can play a beneficial role in the conservation of cultural heritage. There can be both positive and negative impacts based on the various actions of the tourists and the changes that are taking place. It is important to see that there is a proper management plan for the cultural heritage assets since the high tourism pressures derived from tourist traffic can cause many conflicts..



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Abdul Rahiman Sahib Museum: The Freedom Fighter’s Home


This blog is a walkthrough through the life of Abdul Rahiman Sahib, the great freedom fighter along with the conservation process of his residence which was taken up by Benny Kuriakose and Associates as part of Muziris Heritage Project. The design process of giving a new use to the residence by turning it into a museum for the freedom struggle is explained in detail in the blog.

General Points on Photographing Historic Buildings - Part IV

Photographing a historic building must aim to convey information about it. It can also express artistry through a distorted idea. At the same time, the photograph must be simple and should not compromise on clarity. The blog looks into the details of photographing ceilings, construction details, doors and large interiors along with utilization of right lighting and camera.

"The major aim of any heritage project should be to provide an environment which educates the public at different levels"

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Recent Highlights

‘Mithavaya Group’ Family Gathering

On May 14, the ‘Mithavaya Group’ (the organisation of workers, including carpenters, painters, masons, and supervisors who had worked with Benny Kuriakose from 1987 to 1997) third family gathering, took place at Venjaramoodu in the Thiruvananthapuram district. Many of the workers from that time are now independent contractors and business owners. Most came to the event with their children, nieces, and nephews, many of whom are now working as doctors, engineers, and bankers. As they reunited, it was an emotional and joyful occasion.


The event was inaugurated by Mudakkal Panchayat President A. Chandrababu in the Panchayat Open Air Theatre at 10 am. Dr. Benny Kuriakose recounted with detail the pleasant and emotional experiences of the times they had worked together in the past. Dr. Iqbal, Dr. K. R. Thankappan, Prof. A. Joseph Rosario and Sri.Ravindran Nayar all shared their wonderful experiences. The team members of Benny Kuriakose & Associates also attended the special occasion. The music and dance performances of the workers and their families, after lunch added to the splendour of the event.

Newsletter Issue 15 – June 2023

Recent Newsletters

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Meet Our Designs

Asikkad House

Dr. Benny Kuriakose plays the role of visiting faculty in CEPT University for a semester of ‘Masters in Conservation and Regeneration Programme’. He visited and shared his knowledge and ideas with the students of CEPT University to assist them in their learning process on 29 and 30 th of May.


Asikkad House, which is situated in a hamlet close to Mayavaram, showcases the heritage of a Chettinad house, brought together in rich configurations. The design aims to preserve the cultural relevance of Chettinad architecture while reimagining it. Two cottages, a separate kitchen building and the main house make up the complex. The verandas are decorated with a variety of delicately constructed columns, and the courtyard is filled with the client's recycled collectibles. Additionally, the entire residence has a typical sloping roof made of Mangalore tiles. The interior has been elegantly decorated to complement the house's Chettinad heritage. Sustainable building materials have been employed almost entirely in their natural form. Asikkadu House achieves the perfect harmony between contemporary elements and Chettinad architecture, allowing it to stand out magnificently among the foliage.

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Planning and Designing of Service Blocks in a School

A school may have provisions to provide other basic services offered for the benefit of students and teachers at the school. Parking and toilet facilities are a few of the services provided. Considering the toilet facilities, both girls and boys have different requirements. In the case of parking facilities, vehicular access from bicycles to buses must be considered. This blog looks at how to design and plan such service rooms.

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At CEPT University Ahmedabad


Dr. Benny Kuriakose Interaction with Marian College Students

Marian College students visited Dakshinachitra as a part of their heritage tour on May 11. During the heritage tour, the students had an interactive session with Dr. Benny Kuriakose. The two-hour session was filled with discussions and thought-provoking questions from the students, to which Dr. Kuriakose responded based on his experience and expertise.

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