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BK&A On Innovation

We aim for constant learning and trying to innovate our process of design. A lot of the buildings that are being built do not reflect the lived reality of India. We are still stuck with colonial ideas of architecture and try to imitate western modes of living and building which are not suited for the climate or our ways of living. To this aim, we intend to continue our exploration of indigenous ways of building, reducing waste, using truly eco-friendly, local materials and making buildings that are durable and that enable inhabitants to lead their best lives.

As opposed to being luddites we prefer to think of technology not as the solution to all our problems but as something that needs to be carefully considered and incorporated with deep thought into buildings to enhance them rather than solve problems of our own making. Technology in other words cannot compensate for poorly thought-through design. We are constantly developing new approaches and solutions to finding out the best and most sustainable methods of construction to enable durable long-lasting buildings while taking into consideration local building skills and techniques. Good sustainable design for us combines clever detailing with solid workmanship.

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“Good sustainable design for us combines clever detailing with solid workmanship.”

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Newsletter Issue 21  – December 2023

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Workshop at BKA

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Vishram by the Sea

In the first week of November 2023, the team attended brain-storming sessions on various new innovative systems and improvements for the organization held at the workplace. The sessions were led by Benny Kuriakose and the senior team members. This workshop was an insight into how to improve the services we provide to clients and society and how to rectify and improve existing issues. The team gained knowledge on how to do proper management of the site, the shortcomings that currently exist, and the areas that needed focus and improvement in order to provide society and clients with a better and more valuable service. It was an incredible, informative session on personal and professional development.

The muted sound of waves and the quiet serenity of the Kovalam village form the perfect backdrop for Vishram by the Sea- an unconventional beach house. The house demonstrates the intentional connection of formerly isolated parts through a planned flow of spaces. Large verandahs and open areas serve as relaxing siestas on the Athangudi tile flooring. A Kerala style stepped well that blends with the natural surroundings and intricately carved, recycled Chettinad stone columns that line the verandahs are some characteristics that set this home apart. The eco-friendly house has a smooth and gradual slope towards the southwest, allowing the provision of extensive sloping roofs. Vastu Shastra principles enabled us to experiment with the contours of the land, which resulted in a raised southwest bed, and the northeast accommodated the stepped well.A sustainable home that emanates a soothing atmosphere, Vishram by the Sea is an ode to the heritage and culture of Kerala architecture.

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