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Newsletter Issue 25  – April 2024

From our Desk 

BK&A On Energy Conservation in Architecture

Energy conservation is crucial in modern architecture, but the approach must transcend mere reliance on energy-saving methods like air conditioning. Instead, emphasis should be placed on reducing the need for excessive cooling or heating altogether. Leveraging natural light effectively is essential, yet many contemporary buildings overly depend on artificial lighting even when ample sunlight is available. Our projects prioritize conservation, utilizing eco-friendly practices and minimizing resource consumption. Even new constructions incorporate natural materials and building techniques tailored to local climates. Lessons from vernacular architecture are integral to their designs, ensuring relevance and sustainability.


The onset of the 1970s energy crisis marked a shift, compelling architects to consider climatic comfort alongside aesthetics. With global warming posing imminent threats such as rising sea levels, climate-responsive design emerges as the imperative solution to safeguarding our built environment and mitigating future risks.

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“Sustainable architecture is the way forward for a better world.”

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Recent Newsletters

Practical Building Conservation Skills Session at NUS

Meet Our Designs

Vishram by the Sea

Dr. Benny Kuriakose shared his extensive expertise and knowledge on tiles and flooring commonly encountered in historic structures to the students enrolled in the MA in Architectural Conservation program at the National University of Singapore at an online session on 15 March 2024. This enlightening session formed a vital component of their AC5012 course titled 'Practical Building Conservation Skills'. Dr. Kuriakose shared valuable insights gained from his hands-on experience in dealing with various types of tiles and flooring materials prevalent in traditional buildings.

Recent Highlights

Conservation Oversight : INTACH Architectural Heritage Advisory Team at Mumbai GPO

Dr. Benny Kuriakose joined the site visit to the Mumbai General Post Office (GPO) to analyze conservation efforts directed by the INTACH Architectural Heritage Division. As the Chairman of the INTACH Architectural Heritage Advisory Committee, during this visit, he provided guidance and expert advice to the restoration team, emphasizing the preservation of the GPO's historical and architectural significance, securing its legacy for future generations to cherish.

Empowering Architectural Education: Dr. Kuriakose's Insightful Contribution to


CURATE Workshop

Dr. Benny Kuriakose recently participated as a distinguished speaker in the panel discussion during the inaugural session of the Climate Understanding Rebooting for Architecture Education (CURATE) Workshop, hosted by the Climatology Lab at the Department of Architecture and Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The workshop, organized in collaboration with the South Asia Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes (SAADRI), aimed to seamlessly integrate climatology into architectural practices within the South Asia Region. This collaborative effort sought to leverage the expertise of professionals from both the country and SAADRI partner institutes, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Dr. Kuriakose emphasized the significance of climatology in architecture, offering valuable insights to guide students in their future endeavors. He encouraged them to think of new ideas for combining architecture and climatology from his experience. Additionally, he discussed the integration of vernacular architecture, which seamlessly combines these disciplines, further enriching their understanding and potential for future endeavors.

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Buildofy Documentation of Shristi Residence

Buildofy has recently documented "Shristi Residence" designed by Benny Kuriakose & Associates, a remarkable architectural achievement celebrated for its seamless integration of traditional and contemporary design elements. With meticulous attention to detail, the design prioritizes both functionality and elegance, creating a space of timeless beauty.


Through its video documentation, Buildofy offers valuable insights into the design philosophy and construction techniques employed in crafting this masterpiece. Explore the Buildofy website to discover the captivating story of a residence that epitomizes innovation, sustainability, and architectural brilliance. The video is also available in their official youtube channel.

Meet Our Designs

Fingerpost House

The Fingerpost House, a British bungalow situated in Ooty and constructed during the late 19th century, reflects Scottish architectural influences. Originally designed to suit the lifestyle of British officials in India, the house integrates vernacular construction methods to withstand the local climate. Through a recent eco-friendly refurbishment by Benny Kuriakose & Associates, using the skills of local builders and craftsmen to preserve its historical identity while implementing modern enhancements.

Features such as a separate kitchen, turrets housing shower cubicles, and a newly added greenhouse demonstrate a blend of British design elements with innovative updates. Notably, the inclusion of natural light and additional garden space through a retaining wall reflects a thoughtful approach to both preservation and modernization.

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Blog Spot

Blogs to Explore

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Sustainable Architecture in a Different Perspective

The blog highlights the importance of incorporating local climate, culture, and materials into architectural design to achieve sustainability. It emphasizes the need to move away from blindly adopting international architectural styles towards embracing native architecture to create truly sustainable buildings.


Western Style Construction Influence On Climate Change and Extreme Heat Effect

The blog explores the profound impact of climate change on the functionality of structures and highlights the significant role buildings play in contributing to global warming. It also addresses the mistakes made in modern construction practices and suggests ways to navigate towards more sustainable approaches for the future


Student interactive Session at Stella Maris College, Chennai

Dr. Benny Kuriakose delivered a session on March 10, 2024, for Stella Maris Fine Arts MA students, sharing his expertise on vernacular and contemporary architecture while exploring the interconnectedness of art and architectural principles. He emphasized the importance of balancing traditional arts and techniques with contemporary building strategies, advocating for a vernacular-inspired approach to sustainable design in India.

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Interactive Session with DC School of Architecture and Design, Trivandrum Students

As a part of the Fourth Semester B.Arch Architectural Design studio project on 'Alternate learning spaces for autistic and mentally challenged scenarios', DC School of Architecture and Design students (28 students along with their faculties) paid a visit to Sankalp School: The Learning Centre and Special Needs School in Chennai, designed by Benny Kuriakose & Associates. Following the visit, the group joined the BKA team for an evening meeting where Dr. Benny Kuriakose shared his experiences and knowledge of the architectural field.The focal point of his discussion centered around the Sankalp School, particularly delving into its unique architecture.

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