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Newsletter Issue 28  – July 2024

From our Desk 

"Redefining Luxury: Embracing 'Shanti' and 'Ananda' in Modern Living Spaces"

In our view, luxurious living fundamentally revolves around the concepts of "Shanti" (peace) and "Ananda" (bliss or joy). When discussing luxury in these terms, we emphasize creating living spaces and lifestyles that prioritize tranquility and profound joy. This goes beyond material wealth, aesthetics, or opulence, focusing instead on spaces that nourish the soul, promote well-being, and foster a deep sense of inner peace and happiness.


Luxury can be defined by comfort, convenience, and a wealth of amenities tailored to individual preferences. Since each person has unique tastes in living and architecture, it's essential to design spaces that meet more than just physical needs. True luxury design goes beyond basic requirements, aiming to create environments that prioritize well-being through a seamless blend of advanced technology and nature. It's about living comfortably with desired amenities while being in harmony with nature and oneself. Such environments promote mental and emotional balance, offering solace and rejuvenation amidst daily life's hustle and bustle. Ultimately, luxurious living nurtures a holistic sense of well-being, encompassing both physical and mental wellness.

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"Luxurious living fundamentally revolves around the concepts of "Shanti" (peace) and "Ananda" (bliss or joy)."

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Recent Newsletters

BKA Design Unveils 'The Bird at Your Window': Coimbatore Villas Sell Out in 3 Days!

Our recently designed project, "The Bird at Your Window," a community villa development in Coimbatore, marks a significant milestone for us at Benny Kuriakose & Associates. This in collaboration with Merestone Properties and Vanaalya introduces a new standard of innovative design and sustainable living to the region. We are delighted to announce that all villas were sold out within just three days of the launch, underscoring the strong demand and appreciation for our vision. This achievement reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional living spaces that blend modern luxury with environmental responsibility.

Recent Highlights

Tropical Home Design Handbook: Dr. Benny Kuriakose's Contributions to Routledge's New Handbook

Dr. Benny Kuriakose is one of the contributors to Routledge's recently published "Tropical House Design Handbook: Bioclimatic, Safe, Comfortable, Economical feasibility, and Respectful of the Environment." This comprehensive book delves into the technical and practical aspects of designing homes in tropical climates. It begins by discussing essential concepts such as climate, heat, and thermal comfort, providing a foundational understanding of the unique challenges faced in these environments.


The book also explores the solutions offered by traditional housing, showcasing how time-tested methods can inform modern design. From bioclimatic principles to sustainable building practices, the handbook covers a wide range of topics aimed at creating homes that are not only comfortable and safe but also economically feasible and environmentally respectful. The book is a valuable resource for architects, designers, and anyone interested in sustainable and effective tropical house design.

Meet Our Designs

Backwater Ripples Kumarakom

Kumarakom village, set against Lake Vembanad's backdrop, is a year-round marvel in Kerala's backwaters. The Backwater Ripples Resort is situated on a compact plot along the lake's banks, featuring twenty-one cottages and twelve rooms. Each cottage is positioned in a staggered row to ensure a lake view, with bedrooms raised to mezzanine levels for enhanced views and privacy. The resort offers a variety of amenities for different types of vacations, all thoughtfully integrated into the site.


The cottages, showcasing various design styles, adhere to traditional Kerala architecture with extensive use of timber, bricks, stone, and Mangalore tiles, blending naturally with the surroundings. Contemporary elements include the front office, conference rooms, a dining area with a bar, a lawn for gatherings, and a swimming pool that complements the lake. The clock tower, visible to all, serves as a landmark for boaters on the lake. This blend of traditional and contemporary design makes the resort both functional and visually harmonious with its environment.

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