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BK&A On Conservation and Culture

Our approach to conservation has evolved over many years of experience conserving a wide variety of historic buildings from palaces to synagogues. We have evolved a sensitive approach that extends not just to conserve the historical structures but also the design of new adjacent buildings and extensions which are designed to work harmoniously with the current building without blindly mimicking it.

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Recent Highlights

Transplantation of Kodira House to Dakshinachitra

We are pleased to share that a traditional Coorg home, dating back over 200 years will be transplanted to Dakshinachitra, under the guidance of Benny Kuriakose and Associates. The first phase of dismantling the building has been completed. Here are some glimpses from the site.

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Chitra Rajan House

This rustic house in Chennai, surrounded by a lush green landscape garden, is a relaxing haven in the middle of the bustling noises of the city. Using wide-open spaces, sit-outs, and water feature, Chitra Rajan is a contemporary house that seamlessly integrates peace and comfort into the busy lives of the occupants.

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Meeting ULCCS, Kerala

Certain villages in Kerala having rich cultural heritage and where people engage in manufacturing of traditional craft items will be declared as ‘Heritage Villages’. These villages are intended to preserve and disseminate the traditional artistic heritage of Kerala to the next generation, along with the development of their infrastructure facilities. A meeting between Shri. Saji Cheriyan, Minister of culture, Shri. Remeshan Palery, Chairman of ULCCS LTD, Shri. S. Shaju, Managing Director of ULCCS LTD and Dr Benny Kuriakose was held recently at the ULCCS office in Vadakara, Kerala, to discuss on how to take this idea of 'Heritage Villages' forward in the Kerala state budget.

"We Do Conservation Because We Believe in Conserving Our Heritage for the Future"

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We were fortunate to be a part of the transplantation of Kerala houses seen in Dakshinachitra, Chennai. To read more about this, please visit our blog "Transplantation of Kerala Houses to Dakshinachitra, Chennai", using the button given below

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