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Dakshinachitra, the living heritage museum on the East Coast Road in Chennai, exhibits the vernacular architecture of South India. It is designed to function as an interactive museum that showcases people's lifestyles. Through their art, craft, and architecture, the living heritage museum shares the tales of people in South India. There are mainly four segments of the heritage museum, which are the four southern states of India: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The houses are transplanted, which were in a dilapidated state, from their original locations to Dakshinachitra, recreating the olden days through architecture and landscape. Stepping into Dakshinachitra takes you into another time and space.


The entry to the Kerala section of Dakshinachitra is through the Padippura, which is an elaborate gateway. It frames the picturesque view of the Koothattukulam Granary with the Puthuppally House to the left and a pavilion, or Kalyana Mandapam, to the right.  It opens into a path guided by a row of stone barriers on either side that diverts towards each house. It shows a clear distinction between the architecture of north and south Kerala and how each of the houses expanded based on their status and wealth. The architecture of the houses conveys both simplicity and splendour.

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