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Movement Through The Spice Route - The Week

December 27, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

The old spice route of Muziris is the subject of the cover story for THE WEEK by Manira Nayar. The route was an early commerce route in Muziris's history, bringing prosperity and goods to the port. The Muziris Commerce route aided in forging economic ties with Western nations in the past.

The Muziris port served as the hub of the spice route, which connected Kerala with other countries throughout the world for more than two thousand years. Similar to the Silk Route, the "Spice Route" is a maritime commerce route that links various nations. By travelling these routes, the "Spice Route" hopes to connect with the past. The nation's connections to the Silk Route also include the Thalassery project, in addition to the Muziris historic project.

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