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Muziris Project Press Thumnail

Muziris Heritage Project Initial Stages - Mathrubhumi Weekly

November 7, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

"The Muziris Heritage Project and its characteristics are discussed in the article by Bijuraj that appears in Mathrubhumi Weekly. The Muziris Project is,as to this point, the largest Benny Kuriakose Conservation Project. The project houses some of Kerala's most well-known monuments and provides a number of other attractions to help people appreciate the heritage and culture of Kerala.

If the State Government's ""Muziris Heritage Project"" is successful, the face of the coastal region of Central Kerala will change within ten years. Kodungallur will become one of the prime examples of heritage conservation on the map. The largest tourism-heritage conservation project in Kerala to date is planned in Muziris."

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Visitors and residents alike would be able to witness the social and religious fingerprints of a significant period in the history of the State thanks to the initiative aimed at preserving and sustaining Muziris, the modern-day Kodungallur. The programme would work to promote the region's economic development and growth while tackling tourism holistically. The idea is to design the monuments with the local community in mind and take into account the various ideas made in connection with other development initiatives. Through historical study, environmental initiatives, imaginative crafts and art forms, vocations, and other social activities, it would be advantageous to bring back memories of the past.

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