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Muziris Project Press Thumnail

Spiceroute Opens Through Muziris - Mathrubhumi Newspaper

February 26, 2016 at 6:30:00 PM

"The article published in Mathrubhumi elaborates on the details of developing Muziris as a Spice Route Project. The project aims at tracing Kerala’s trade links with other countries and promoting the exchange of knowledge as well as culture.
The spice route, which ran for over 2000 years between Kerala and various nations throughout the world, had its epicentre at the Muziris port. The ""Spice route"" is a trade route that connects different countries through the sea, like the Silk Route. The ""Spice Route"" seeks to traverse these paths and get in touch with the past.

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Apart from the Muziris heritage project, the country's links on the Silk Route include the Thalassery and Fort Kochi heritage circuits. Among these, the Muziris Heritage Project has made the most progress. The first phase was completed at a cost of Rs. 94 crore. About 12 crores' worth of work was done in Fort Kochi. Historians say that the port cities of Kerala had trade relations with 41 countries. If the project gets approval, UNESCO will help in the marketing of the ""Spice Route"" in the tourism sector. This will place the project on the international tourism map. The Spice Route cannot be easily traced as easily as the silk route, says Muziris special officer K.S. Shine.

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