• Benny Kuriakose


Three newspaper reports which came today is disturbing and alarming. There was a report in the Malayala Manorama newspaper quoting Climate Central study that a substantial area will be affected by sea level rise by 2050. I looked at the map of the Chennai city and was shocked to see that a major area will be affected by flooding. By 2100, areas which are home to 200 million people will fall below the high tide line. According to the study conducted by Climate Central, the sea water can rise up to 2.1 meters.


The improved elevation data finds that even with moderate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, India where 36 million people live today, could face annual coastal flooding threats by 2050. That is roughly more than 31 million than assessments based on prevailing elevation data. You can look at the Chennai vulnerability map by clicking the following link.


Newspaper Hindu reports that Madurai recorded 343.5 mm of rainfall in the 24 hours ending 6 AM on 30th October. Ramanathapuram district received a total rainfall of 475.30 mm. 827 mm is the average annual rainfall and they got 50% of the rains this week itself. What Madurai got in a day was more than 10% of the annual rainfall which Kerala gets.

There is another report in today's newspaper which says that Delhi Government will give 5 million masks to school students to be worn considering the high pollution levels.

Where are we going? What could be done?

Global Warming & Climate Change affecting Chennai and other Indian Cities based on the Climate Central Report. CHENNAI AND OTHER CITIES AFFECTED BY SEA LEVEL RISE BY 2050.


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