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A Slice of Gods Own Country - Chennai Express

June 30, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

The Chennai Express newspaper writes an article about the Tharavadu house of Aruna and Vijaykumar in ECR, designed by Benny Kuriakose. Modern yet traditional, their Kerala-style house is more than just a place of shelter. Resplendent, with warmth, light, and colour, it’s Vijaykumar’s little heaven on earth. It took two years to build, but the end result of those years of sweat and toil and running after carpenters and different workmen was the creation of an uber-classy Kerala-styled home, just metres away from the Bay of Bengal.

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Dripping in sophistication, style, and tradition, the Tharavadu House is a sprawling abode and a slice straight out of Kerala. Keeping with the Kerala style, the house also has a courtyard on the inside that is supported by wooden pillars from Calicut. An elaborately carved door, transported all the way from Chettinad, occupies one wall of the courtyard, while murals by artists from Guruvayoor bring colour to other walls. An ancient desk, over a century old, stands modestly in a corner, supporting pictures of the family it belongs to. Read on to know all about it!

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