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Building Icons - Benny Kuriakose - Page Seven

October 31, 2010 at 6:30:00 PM

An article by Jaya Sharma on Page7seven talks about Benny Kuriakose, the type of architecture he practices, Laurie Baker and the influences that shaped his work. It also discusses his major projects and his take on sustainable architecture. “The younger generation should take more interest in creating buildings which are more suitable for the Indian conditions. Now, most of the buildings in India do not reflect the Indian reality. We adjust to the structure rather than the structure being built to suit us,” says Benny.

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The piece delves into Laurie Baker's influence on Benny Kuriakose's design beliefs, as well as his thoughts on the architecture being taught in schools. “I like the buildings done by Geoffrey Bawa and his work has influenced me. He has used natural materials and his architecture was very different from what many others followed in Asia. Unlike many, he did not draw his inspirations from the West,” he says, when talking about people who inspire him. It also talks about his biggest challenge as an architectural designer, to which Benny says, “The biggest challenge lies in ensuring the quality of construction.” For more information about Benny Kuriakose and Associates, visit our official website:

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