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Changing Definitions Of Sustainability And Green Living

August 1, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

Ester Elias, from The Hindu talks with Chennai-based designer Benny Kuriakose about the changing definitions of conservation architecture and green living. In architect Benny Kuriakose’s mind, there’s a fledgling dream that’s taken root and pushes forth shoots. He dreams of an environmentally conscious architecture where solar-powered apartments exist off the grid but for air conditioning, where a planted indigenous forest co-exists with rain harvested water bodies, where each home opens into his trademark courtyard and ornate verandah, and each floor hosts common living and dining spaces, where terrace farming feeds its inhabitants and the aged find convenience and purpose; where the best of commune living meets the standards of urban design.

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Only, these aren’t just dreams. They have been materialized into site drawings and floor plans, multi-dimensional projections and cross-sectional views. “If there’s one critique I may make of Laurie Baker, it is that while he pointed out the pitfalls of mainstream architecture, his own remained niche. With public housing, Muziris and now the “green living” project, I’m attempting to step out of my comfort in the alternative and into the mainstream, but, of course, on my own terms. Is this wise? Only time will tell!," concludes Benny.

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